Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Find Chrome apps and extensions in the Chrome Web Store

Most people are familiar with the "app store" concept. We can thank Apple for the ubiquity of that term.

Chrome has an app store. They call is the Chrome Web Store. There you'll find:
  • Links to web-based tools and software
  • Packaged apps
  • Extensions
  • Themes (e.g. Wallpaper)

You have five search options:
  • Search by specific name
  • Search with a word or phrase
  • Search by recommendations from Google based on other apps, extensions, etc. that you have.
  • Search by what's popular 
  • Search by collections that Google has pre-designed for you

case you're wondering what the difference is between an app and an extension:
  • An extension is a little extra "goodness" that offers you a way to customize your Chrome experience with tools that are consistent with your needs and workflows. They can work across apps.
  • Apps are typically one web service or piece of software that does a specific thing or series of tasks.

You can also find many extensions or apps by simply searching via Google whee you'll be presented with a link to the location of the Chrome Web Store.

When you find an app or extension that looks interesting, you can click on it and a box will appear with more detail. You'll find:

  • Web address for the developer
  • Video demonstration
  • Screen shots
  • Reviews
  • Production description

This can be very helpful information when you are making your decision.

Try the Chrome Web Store today and find the tools you need simplify and centralize your digital experience.