Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pocket your internet reading (and watching) for later

My favorite “read it later” service is Pocket

I skim when I’m reading online. Whether it’s a social feed, blog reader, or even email, I typically don’t have the time or luxury to read what I find interesting in the moment.

Pocket has a …

Another option to get information into Pocket is to send it via email to your specific, private email address you will get when you sign up for the service.

Don’t think Pocket is only for the written copy. It can store videos, too. (I typically just use the “Watch it Later” feature in Youtube, but you can centralize if it helps streamline your review process.)

Once information is in Pocket, you can …
  • Tag it for each search.
  • Archive it for reference.
  • Share it via social networks.
  • Delete it.

Pocket did introduce a premium option recently if you so desire. I, personally, don’t use it.

The real trick to making Pocket usable rather than just a digital hoarder’s habit is to only put things in Pocket that you intend to read. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a pile of stuff that you’ll never end up going through which defeats the purpose entirely.

One final note, Pocket has done a good job of integrating it into many apps. So be sure and check your favorite RSS aggregator or social feed apps to see if Pocket is already integrated into its functionality.

How do you manage all the content you browse across the web?