Monday, July 14, 2014

Search specific sites without leaving the Chrome Address Bar

Google became "Google" because of its ability to connect information with the people searching for information. Google did this so well, it's name became a verb.

"Just Google it."
"I Googled you."
"I'm Googling this right now."

Search is why we all fell in love with Google in the first place. And Google still "owns" the search market.

Productivity is as much about efficiency as it is about effectiveness. One of the things I love about Google Chrome is that it combines features to make it less effort to find whatever it is I am looking for.

Take for instance the address bar (or sometimes referred to as the Omnibox). Did you know you can search some sites directly without ever leaving the address or search bar?

One site I browse often is (Who doesn't?)

When I type in "" into the address bar and hit the space bar, something magical happens.

You can see that "" gained a blue background, a colon, and was offset in such a way to indicate that I'm now search specifically within that site without ever having to leave the address bar.

Once I hit "Enter," I am taken directly to with my search already completed.

Not every site has this kind of "magical power." But I see this happening more and more.

Never take your hands off your keyboard to find what you're looking for when you explore a site with this search function.