Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Create a Chromebook-like experience on your Mac

I've tried Chromebooks multiple times during the last several years. I love their simplicity, ease of use, and headache-less experience. But at the end of the day, a Chromebook doesn't meet my professional needs.

If you're not familiar with the Chrome App Launcher, it might be just what you're looking for.

Introducing the Chrome App Launcher

This, essentially, gives Mac users a Chromebook-like experience. The App Launcher appears in your menu bar. As you add Chrome apps, you can quickly locate them through the Launcher. If the app is a Packaged App, then you will also be able to find it using the native Mac LaunchPad feature.

How to Download the Chrome App Launcher

  1. Visit the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Click on "For Your Desktop" in the left-hand column.
  3. Add one app from this section. 
  4. Look for the Chrome App Launcher icon in your Doc.

How You Benefit from Adding This Feature

  1. Everything syncs across Chrome on all your devices.
  2. You only have to add the Chrome App once. As you add or delete Chrome Apps on one device, they appear everywhere.
  3. All App updates are automatic and function in the background. They just work!

Have you tried the Chrome App Launcher? Is this helpful to you in your normal workflows?