Monday, August 18, 2014

How to auto-create tasks in Todoist with Siri like Omnifocus

Like many, I’ve made the migration from Omnifocus to Todoist and haven’t looked back. One of the features I do miss is the ability to auto-import tasks from iOS Reminders into Omnifocus. I assumed this was only possible because Omnifocus was deeply integrated into and solely focused on Mac OS and iOS platforms.

I was wrong.

I was searching for another recipe on IFTTT when it occurred to me that I could connect two channels that could recreate the auto-import feature.

Here’s how:
  1. Add the “iOS Reminders” channel.
  2. Add the “Gmail” channel.
  3. Create the receipe: “If any new reminder, then send an email from [your email address].”
Note: When you create the recipe, you’ll need to enter the specific Todoist Inbox email so IFTTT knows where to send the email that will be prompted by the recipe itself. Not sure how to find that specific email address? Read how.

Here’s how it works in real time:
  1. Prompt Siri to remind you about a specific task, event, etc.
  2. The IFTTT recipe goes to work on your behalf in the background.
  3. Find the task Siri added to iOS reminders in your Todoist Inbox.

This isn’t perfect.

This option is “almost perfect.” There are two things that you need to know:
  1. The iOS Reminder will remain in Reminders even after it is emailed into your Todoist inbox. This is unlike the feature in Omnifocus where it deletes the reminder upon import.
  2. Any date or time associate with the task does not translate to Todoist.
Omnifocus is a fantastic program. But when you need something that is cross-platform and can be used for collaboration with other people, Todoist is a viable alternative that feels very comfortable to Omnifocus users.

While combining IFTTT and Todoist does provide a path for auto-import from iOS Reminders, I hope that Todoist will consider adding this functionality through the native iOS app soon.

What tips and tricks do you have for using Todoist?